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We love art and we love our neighborhood!

Harrison West Arts is a small group of neighbors committed to improving our community by supporting art programs that unite and inspire. Our flagship projects are the Jazz Stage and the Olentangy Trail Mural, and we look forward to continuing to grow and advance the presence of art in Harrison West.

Harrison West is a vibrant, historic, urban neighborhood that sits just one mile north of downtown Columbus. Originally settled in the late 1800’s, most of the northern section of the neighborhood is characterized by Victorian and Craftsman style homes. This portion of the neighborhood is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. As one of the Short North neighborhoods, Harrison West has also long been a haven for the arts and artists. Harrison West boasts charming historic streets, four city parks, 1.2 miles of riverfront trail, two boat launch sites, an annual jazz series, and an eclectic mix of small businesses.

The Harrison West Society was formed in 1977 to "preserve and improve the neighborhood of Harrison West" and to "broaden the appreciation of ethnic and social heritage with friendly contact." We continue today as a nonprofit civic association focused on improving quality of life in Harrison West. Some examples of our work include planting street trees, securing architectural improvements to the Third Avenue bridge, establishing four community parks, pushing for traffic calming measures, hosting potlucks and other social events including the Harrison West Jazz Stage, arranging improved alley and street lighting, organizing public art projects, and working to reduce crime.


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